Forklift & Equipment Training  

Operator Training - Creating a culture of safety

Your obligations
It goes without saying that providing your operators with the training they need to perform the tasks required of them is your minimum legal requirement. But did you know that well trained operators equal lower costs? They work more productively, cause less damage to their equipment and goods, they can even use less fuel, saving money and the environment.

We can supply on site Driver Training for novice and existing operators of Counterbalance and Reach Fork Lift Trucks. In addition, 1 day courses can be arranged for supervisors, informing them of their obligations regarding the safe operation for Fork Lift Trucks.

On site or in house
Training consists of on site training, or in house, as specified by the Joint Committee of Industry Training Boards (JCITB), by our registered instructors who are registered with the accredited body.

Full training course consists of 3-5 days training, for a maximum of 3 people per day. Refresher training course consists of 1-3 days training, for a maximum of 3 people per day.

On completion of the course a test will be carried out and if successful, a certificate of training will be issued to each trainee.

Experienced Operators

Courses for experienced operators who have not taken a recognised course or test can also be arranged. Refresher courses for certified operators can also be carried out on request.

Training costs on a daily charge basis will be advised when details of the trainee and their driving experience are known.

Courses we offer:

• Counter Balance Fork Lift Truck.
• Pedestrian Controlled.
• Reach Truck.
• Rough Terrain Truck.
• Electric Vehicle.
• Industrial Trucks and Tugs.
• Articulated (Bendi/Flexi) Fork Lift Trucks.
• Mobile/Elevated Work Platform.
• Telescopic/Articulated Boom and Scissor Lift.
• Traction Battery Maintenance.  

To arrange a training course, book some dates, or if you just want some information and advice, simply contact us on 016973 42328